Unlocking the potential of cannabinoids in science and medicine.

    Scientists around the world have been mapping the cannabis plant and cataloging its compounds, eager to gain a deeper understanding of how they exert their effects and to harness their immense therapeutic potential. Promising though this research may be, the cannabis plant itself is prohibited for use almost everywhere in the world. Even with laws aside, cannabis is a difficult species to study.

    It is prone to mutation, an attribute that growers have exploited to produce hundreds of different strains, each of which has its own unique profile. Some are dominated by THC, and others by CBD, with numerous other cannabinoids in hugely different proportions. Even when isolated, standardizing individual cannabinoids is difficult.

    In order to realize the tremendous therapeutic potential of these compounds, they must be available to scientists in a pure and consistent form to allow for rigorous, replicable research. PureForm is leading the effort to reproduce the complete catalog of cannabinoids, making these compounds available to the research community as never before.