PureForm has invented a proprietary process that turns terpenes into bioidentical cannabinoids.

    From the start, our research was aimed at the development of true cannabinoids, identical to those found in nature, at a level of purity and consistency not achievable with plant extracts. Our goal was to bring the promise of these natural compounds to the market without the shortfalls and limitations of processing "natural" plant extracts. Many of these processes involve toxic industrial solvents, environmentally resource-intensive crops which are subject to seasonal variations in crop yield, and are often tainted with heavy metals, mycotoxins, and pesticides which cannot be entirely removed.

    Our process chemists worked for months to determine a mix of catalysts, temperatures and cooling rates, to combine terpene starting materials to make bioidentical cannabinoids. We call this unique technology Cyclic Terpene Assembly, a method for combining organic molecules without sullying them with toxic solvents or destroying their essence.

    Unlike synthetic cannabinoids, which are analogs of naturally-occurring molecules and can have unpredictable and sometimes dangerous effects, PureForm cannabinoids are molecularly identical to those naturally occurring in plants and therefore act in the body in the exact same way. Utilizing other plant materials for building blocks, PureForm cannabinoids are true to mother nature's design, unadulterated.